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James McCall

Licensed Esthetician


Facials BiDesign

James McCall, (Licensed Esthetician) a native South Carolinian, started his career like many others in the dimly lit fluorescent conference rooms of corporate America.  Fate, however, led him to find his true passion as he experienced a second layoff during the economic downfall.  It was finally time to follow that passion — and begin a career that he would love in the skincare and beauty industry. 

James draws upon nearly 13 years in the beauty industry, beginning his career at Bath & Body Works as their resident skincare expert and later on, becoming a licensed Esthetician in 2009.  In 2009, he established Facials BiDesign — a private spa for men and women where he provides customized facial & body treatments. 

James is a certified Dermalogica Expert. He earned a diploma from the International School of Skin and Nails in Atlanta.  In addition, he acquired the Postgraduate Certificate of Achievement from The International Dermal Institute and a Certificate in Advanced Skin Analysis & Diagnostics from The institut́ DE℞MED College of Advanced Aesthetics.

James’ passion for knowledge in the dynamic skincare industry ensures that he stays informed with the latest technologies and cutting-edge ingredients in skincare, which he loves to share with his clients.

In fact, every product at Facials BiDesign has been tested and hand-chosen by James himself. And it’s that dedication that helped him garner the credibility and loyalty of his clients.

James does not believe in one- size-fits-all skincare, but rather, is a true master of all services offered.  All your skin care needs can be met simply by putting your face in James’ hands.

Though, beauty is only “skin deep,” you cannot discount the feeling you have when you look and feel your best.  Being able to give that feeling to his clients each day is a blessing that never gets old for James.

According to James, “Everyday is Saturday for me because I love what I do. So, it never seems like work.”  We should all be so lucky!